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Canyoning core skills course, North Vancouver, 2 & 16/7/21

The Adventure
Canyoning Core Skills Course (full weekend) 22hrs Tried canyoning, and now you’re hooked? You’ve heard about, maybe even seen, beautiful canyons in British Columbia, and now it’s time to take some time to explore and progress in this extraordinary environment. If you’re ready to take the art of canyoning to the next level, this full-weekend course is for you. The Canyoning Core Skills course is designed with our BC wet canyons in mind where high-flowing hydraulics and other hazards are frequently encountered.
You will descend into some of our amazing local canyons over the weekend course, which begins Friday evening. The focus is on the core skills you need before becoming an independent, knowledgeable, and safe canyoneer. West Coast Canyoning is the first commercial guide service to offer canyoning-specific courses and guided adventures in British Columbia. Our professional canyon instructor has undergone rigorous training and examination, meeting demanding international standards established by Canyon Guides International.
-Two evening sessions + two full days (Wednesday & Friday; 6 pm until 9h00 pm, Saturday and Sunday; all day at the climbing crag and in the canyon.) -Small instructor to participant ratio of 1:5 -Wetsuits and footwear -Personal harness equipped with the required hardware and all group safety gear. (Canyoning harness, ropes, bags, carabines, and rappel device). -Canyoning Ebook -A certificate of participation upon completion of the course
Not Included
-Transportation -Food -Accommodation -Gratuity for the instructor (2)
Explorer Requirements
This course is designed specifically for beginner/intermediate canyoneers who have completed at least an “Introduction to Canyoning” course or have equivalent experience.
Additional Notes
In a few short decades, canyoning has gradually transformed itself to be the world’s fastest-growing adventure sport. Although, Canyoning is still only an emerging outdoor activity in Canada. What is Canyoning? The activity consists of descending a canyon following its watercourse and negotiating your way down the waterfalls as they cascade down into pools of water. There are multiple techniques and methods to move through canyons, including walking, rappelling (abseiling), jumping, swimming, scrambling, and sliding.
What is the difference between Canyoning and Canyoneering? Different word, same meaning, the word “Canyoneering” is usually used in the USA, and usually refers to dry Canyons. On the other hand, Canyoning refers to technical wet canyons (going down waterfalls). What is the difference between canyoning and rock climbing? In Canyoning, nearly 80% of the time is spent in the water and the activity is about going down versus rock climbing is about going up. Lots of rock climbing techniques, knots, and equipment are very similar to the ones we use in canyons but also, many rock climbing techniques would not be appropriate even dangerous if used in a wet canyon environment. Is Canyoning safe? Canyoning has an element of risk, like any other outdoor activity. The risks involved are typical of water sports, combined with those of an inhospitable climate.
It is important to remember that moving through a mountainous environment requires you to respect certain rules and security instructions. Practicing canyoning requires using specific tools: harnesses, ropes, descenders, helmets, clothes, and shoes that are fit for hiking on slippery ground. Our methodology for canyon safety is based on our training and many years of guiding experiences. All equipment is checked daily prior to use and checked again and cleaned after use. Wetsuits are disinfected after each use. All anchors are regularly checked for wear. Before starting the activity, your certified Canyoning Guide will hold a safety briefing to supply specific information regarding the itinerary chosen as well as instructions related to the equipment supplied, how to practice the activity safely and how Covid19 risk mitigation strategies will be applied.
All participants must collaborate and follow all the indications and must wear all the equipment supplied to mitigate the above risks. COVID 19 special precautions: WCCA takes the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and understands that we all need to work together to limit transmission, protect vulnerable citizens, and prevent community transmission. This is an added risk to our outdoor activity, but we are no strangers to managing risk with solid protocols and Personal Protective Equipment. After all, risk management is what we do and we do it well! This summer due to Covid-19 considerations we will only teach small groups and will be practicing appropriate social distancing for people who are not within a “bubble” of well know friends or family.


Jul 02 2021


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