Canyoning Association


After sharing the same passion for canyons and descents a group of friends decided around 2010 to create the Austrian Canyoning Association, based in Hallein, Austria. Database, photos, topos and tour reports are available to all members, who must be already trained canyoners.

Should you want to become a member you need to have finished your training at canyoning and have your own, personal equipment and gear for participating at the Association’s events and excursions.

Photos of previews excursions of the Austrian Canyoning Association are in the website’s gallery page and contacts of the leading members are available online for any canyoner wishing to get in contact. Very useful links about the weather in Austria, Italy and Switzerland, canyoning portals, e-shops, canyoning schools and other interesting topics are to be found under the category links.

To read more about the Austrian Canyoning Association visit the following link:

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