Canyoning Association


The Australian Canyoning Association is a group of volunteers whose aim is to achieve safe access to canyons whilst trying protect the canyon environment. Main goal is for people to experience canyons with safety whilst maintaining their condition as close to pristine as possible. They also provide much more for members. This includes things like: Canyoning Festivals (skills and social and trips), photo competitions (prizes and viewing), social events (trips during the day and social events at night), skills days, online information portal, and improved access to canyons.

According to the Australian Canyoning Association,canyons are very special sensitive natural environments. Canyoners should consider it a privilege to be able to experience them. There are two things to take special care of whilst participating in canyoning. One is the canyon environment. And the other is personal health and safety. Every canyoner should follow moral principles and behaviour when undertaking the activity of canyoning to ensure own and team safety plus environment protection so future generations will be able to experience the amazing world of canyons for many years to come.

The Australian Canyoning Association aims tofoster an appreciation for and co-operate to pursue safe, responsible canyoning and related activities. Promote a code of ethics for canyoning, be the voice for the canyoning community and care for the environment.

The association plans to contribute to this by:

  • liaison (including other associations, relevant authorities, and landholders).
  • assisting practically in caring for canyoning related environments (for example, working with relevant authorities, arranging working bees for the purpose of anchor maintenance, track maintenance and bushcare).
  • developing and maintaining a recommended guide for safe and responsible canyoning (including guidelines for canyon leaders).
  • arranging workshops for the development of safe and responsible canyoning skills (including safe anchors, rigging options, knots for canyoning, and equipment).
  • maintaining a link with international canyoning bodies.
  • developing and maintaining a canyon registry, consistent with preserving the wilderness integrity of unpublished canyons.
  • developing and promoting a consistent method of canyon grading.

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